Saturday, 17 March 2012

Last book is sold

It's a sad day for this author....i've sold my the last copy of the Lash....well gave it away to a friend/college leaving for america! (a his girlfriend said she had already seen a copy at Plymouth Uni) The the only copies of The Lash remaining are 2nd hand from amazon or ordering new copies on print per sale. Had loads of fun and like Van Gogh i'm sure this work of art will be appeciated more outside of this time....22nd Century antiques deal: "Yes...this is fine example of casey early works!...of course in those day they used there hand to actually open books...strange now with the data base learning uploads to the brain at birth"haha.For those that bought the Lash enjoy! Sales will now soley be made through Amazon + WH Smiths...

Sunday, 5 February 2012

check out this clapham night out

Friday, 11 November 2011

Clapham Lash'tastic!!!

July 23rd saw my first event in London....

I rode in on the back of Alex (my housemate) and Jens charity fund raising evening. The Lash was there to provide drinking games support....getting everyone smash! However with the drinking lemmings likely to be there i
knew it would be damage limitation.

Me and Gem (misses) had been to Bristol and were coming off the back of a big one on the Gloucester Rd the night before...being sadists we'd also put in a run that day to ensure we were ripe for the f**king that hydration.

Fancy dress was 'shoulders up' so sunnies, hats, make up etc. We'd decided to go as rugby players complete with black eyes, scrum hats and bloody noses. I'd convinced myself that I was JJ De Boar (South African boar rugby player!!) and Gem was Priscilla (his arranged marriage from the next farm (80miles away))...that evening we were destined to be together and king and queen of Clapham.

I knew that the star of the show bag puss (a stuffed toy cat with pipe for funneling!) would also be in situ...

Alex was MC for the evening...a job he was literally born to do.....we set up beer pong on a table football table and gauntlet on the floor. A few non combatants were early victims on the Gauntlet.

There was 50 - 60 people over the evening and the Beer Pong was a massive hit with crowd participation....

Bag puss also got in on the action when it came to arrogance...I'm not sure why i'd spent last year designing a building a scientific funnel as a charity shop cat and a clear pipe is an improvement!

Had a great night and ended up leaving for Belgium Bar Belgos were the doormen immediately regretted letting us in!! I had a dance off with a gay guy...not recommended they will call your bluff with some backing in!! Plus drank beers that were far to strong for the pickle I'd got myself into.....

Next stop Swansea Hen Do......

Thursday, 16 June 2011

New Blog..the Lash is bk

Back in Business

The Lash is back

Nick is back from the brink and now it's time to rejuvenate the Lash...This means donning the Engineering hat for building funnels and creating mayhem in London.

The move to london hasn't been easy. I nearly lost myself in Mordor (Mordon) at the hands of a dictorial South American House Wife (note how i gave title with capitals. This is a position not to be messed with). You do not know fear until you have experienced daily phycological torture at the hand of an OCD house wife!!

Any way back and having fun....The Allnut Way....found my new house via Gum Tree. Let me illusinate you as to the best way to find a new housemate...instead of doing loads of boring viewing that take up loads of time and follow the same pattern of becoming an amateur estate agent my new house mate instead opted for throwing a huge party come big brother style interview bash.

How it works

1. Put advert on Gum Tree for well priced house in sort after london location
2. invite all responses to 9pm 'viewing' friday. Tell them to bring bottle of wine/beer.
3. Invite all your friends
4. Behave completely as though your process of finding a housemate is completely normal
5. Get smashed and try and discern who you already know and who is her to see the house.

Well done Abi, Lou and Alex for such a novel process.

The experience from my end....

1) Seen loads of freaks across london.
2) No picture of house but description is gutsy. Just a description of what an ideal housemate would like....'gin and adventure' resonates with me
3. Ok so these people must work late that they can only see me 9pm on a friday...ok I can deal with that.
4. Get half cut and turn up late with a bottle of Leffe and Wine to what can only be described as a ram jammed house party.
5. Behave naturally when complete randomer opens door.
6. Do not a=panic when after an hour you haven't found anyone that actually lives at the property.

Anyway being a drinking games expert certainly helps when your at a house party and you want to mark yourself out.


Now I can play D&B, have baths in peace and talk shit all the time!!!

Anyway I've come a very long way round to say that I have a belated house warming party on the 23rd of July (at a pub) will also be the return to society for The Lash. The Lash is not bashful and The ingeniously entitled Lash Bash will see it back to it bastered best...

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

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Saturday, 12 February 2011

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